A 5 Mile Run

pizaI just went for a run and it was tremendous. It’s 40 and bright out. The magnolia tree is blooming and it snowed this morning. Just another normal day in a world without climate change.


During my run, I found myself going a little harder, a little angrier as my mind raced around COVID-19. Then I passed a woman power walking in the other direction with a big smile on her face and a friendly wave. And it really brightened my day. Why? Because the only thing I’ve been reading, watching and discussing for the last week has been coronavirus doom and gloom. It’s getting progressively more dire and consistently scarier. I like to think of myself as a relatively calm person, not prone to panicky behavior but this thing is starting to get under my skin. Hence the run.


bearBack to this power walker…she got me thinking how I need to be putting my thoughts on the good things out there. Rather than click on the headline with the most gruesome, terrifying possibility, I should be focusing on things that make me happy. I’ve consumed all the Kool-Aid on The Universe and what it delivers. So, I’m going to share things today that were good. The other side of the double-edged sword that is our super connected world is that we can all read as much crap and misery as we can handle – 24/7. So, here’s my effort to push back on the oppressive blanket of covid fueled anxiety.


  • Sarah and I sat at the table and had a conversation that lasted longer than 32 seconds. What’s so special about that? Normally when we’ve plugged the children into the TV on a Sunday morning, we have about 30 minutes to get everything in the world done. Well, the world has come to a screeching halt so we don’t have all that much to do. And man, it’s nice. My sister and I talked today about possible outcomes of the coronavirus and agreed that it would be nice if everyone eased off the gas pedal of life. Sarah and I tried that out today, I strongly recommend it.


  • I watched The Simpsons with the kids today and they were laughing as hard as I was. Thanks to Disney+ I can tell you it was Season 13, Episode 6 in which Homer helps make a backyard rocket. After blowing up 2 rockets and vaporizing Milton’s eyebrows, he enlists the help of scientists to make the 3rd one – which is epic. Upon successful launch he tells them “Thank you nerds.” Which is wildly funny because I regularly address my kids as “Listen nerd” or “Put a cork in it nerd”. It was perfect and hysterical. They were cracking up


  • Milan continued down her path as future Queen of Baking this morning with her lovely Monkey Bread. I had to plead with her to stick with a single size batch, not her usual double or triple, in order to conserve flour. She argued with me – as ever – but ultimately relented. A tasty Sunday brunch.


  • I sparred with the twins in the basement this afternoon. They with their headgear and gloves and me without. Maren has a furious combo attack, a la E. Honda from Street Fighter II, and a mantra of “I’ll never give up!” even as I sweep her legs, give her a couple jabs and tickle her incessantly. I love it. Hendrick has legitimately painful punches and had me questioning not wearing my mouth guard. At first, they took me on one at a time. Then they worked together and gave me a reasonably good pounding. One going for my head and the other going for my “Get his privates!” which we had a bit of a discussion about. Nobody’s ever accused them of being unintelligent. It was a great opportunity to blow off some steam and laugh my ass off. More of that is to come, I think.


I think I’ll try to put some stories that make me smile here as we continue sheltering in place. Man that run cleared my head…


11 thoughts on “A 5 Mile Run

  1. Good to hear from you again! Life seems normal at your house! Try to keep it that way. We’re living in scary times.

  2. Great post!Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  3. Thanks for the positive post!

  4. Keep the goodness coming! We all need it! ❤️

  5. Great post brother!!! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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