Holy shmoly, TWO podcast posts in five days! We have officially removed our heads from our rear ends and are getting the hang of thing!

Today (which is closer to 3 weeks ago) we’re drinking and discussing Blue Dreams IPA from Oskar Blues out of Colorado.


Episode 4 of the Beer Brothers Podcast where we discuss Hofbräu Oktoberfest!

Episode 4 is finally out! Only took me a few weeks to figure out the essay that Niel wrote on putting together the podcast.

Here without further delay is the our Hofbrau Oktoberfest podcast. We chose this one in celebration of Oktoberfest and the greatest season of all, Fall.

If you’ve got any ideas, let us know. Hope you enjoy!


Beer Brothers Podcast: Firestone Walker Double Jack

So, Episode 2 of our new podcast is, uh, gone. It recorded my voice but not Tyler’s because he was so angry. So, we’ll try our best to get back to that beer but for now, we’ll be jumping into Episode 3! Today we’ll be talking about Double Jack from Firestone Walker Brewing out of California. Their beer is always dynamite and this one is no different.

Some solid feedback we’ve received thus far is to zip it on the swearing. Unfortunately this episode was already recorded and we both appear to have regular potty mouths but look for words like Sugar or Fudge going forward. And if you’ve got any ideas, let us know!

Beer Brothers Podcast: Prairie Artisan Ales Bomb!

Our mom, Linda, was recently listening to the fairly famous show – Car Talk on NPR. In her own words, she has no real interest in anything automotive but she loves the show. She knows my brother, Tyler, and I love to talk about beer and an idea was formed – PODCAST! Of all the endless ideas Tyler and I are floating back and forth, leave it to the Mother to come up with one we can actually execute on. Guess that’s why she’s the parent 🙂

Now, please be gentle. This is our first episode. It’s probably a bit rough. Scratch that, it probably sounds like shit. BUT – there is a surprisingly steep learning curve to go from phone call banter to a podcast magically appearing on iTunes. What I’m trying to say is, I got impatient trying to make this thing perfect and desperately needed to post SOMETHING. I promise, they’ll get better as we go.

In this inaugural show, we discuss Bomb!, an imperial stout aged on aged on espresso beans, chocolate, vanilla beans, and ancho chile peppers from Prairie Artisan Ales out of Oklahoma. With Tyler in San Diego and me in St. Louis, the idea is to look for beers we can both buy locally. So take a listen and let us know what you think!