Running In The Dark

teddyI went for a run at 4:42 this morning. I haven’t been out of bed this early for fitness – on purpose – since my college days of rowing a little boat in the ice dotted waterways of extra brisk Oyster River. Have I finally lost my marbles like Tootles in Hook thanks to Captain Corona? Nope. I actually wanted to get out of bed and pound my knees into the pavement at oh dark thirty. Favorite Sister-In-Law Erin had the great idea of a running calendar club for the month of May to which I promptly replied “I’m in!” and then just as promptly wondered “What have I done?”


The idea is to run the number of miles that go with the number of each day. May 1 = 1 mile, May 2 = 2 miles and so on. With jiu jitsu reduced to online classes where I absolutely DOMINATE Teddy, my 7 year old’s gigantic stuffed bear wearing a gi, the timing was perfect as I’m in need of a challenging exercise outlet. Plus, Uncle Todd had also just put together a plan for the entire Stender clan to come together (virtually of course, no contact!!) and put up a combined 500 miles of running, biking, drinking and/or sack racing in the month of May. A great way to keep everyone in contact and work off all that alcohol. This calendar club would be the perfect avenue to hit that goal. The stars have aligned on the Exercising In A Socially Distant Fashion Master Plan!


While I am an early riser, pre-5 AM is not my norm. But given our current household schedule, it’s really the only way to make the numbers work for me. In fact, I claim to Sarah that I can’t run first thing in the morning because I really need to be fully awake with some water and food to fuel me. Like I’m Prefontaine over here, training for the Noncompetitive Olympics.


monkeyWell, I’m still here and happy to report I rather enjoyed this running in the wee hours! No traffic and no humanity to speak of. Which makes me happy on a normal day but is doubly goody these days. I will say that running through the deserted park in the dark had me periodically jerking my head around – eyes wide – certain there would be a gape mouthed zombie moaning and pointing at me. But no, just me, boinging along pondering the funniness  of my playlist transitioning from Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Shoe-In MMM-Bop to Neil [sic] Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World.


So, I look forward to continuing this challenge of many miles for the month of May and also more alliterative opportunities. Sure beats showing off my JUDO CHOP! on Teddy.

3 thoughts on “Running In The Dark

  1. All great plans but 4:30am yikes!!! Be safe! Sent from my iPhone


  2. See you on the tarmac…nopeSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  3. I would be wide eyed jerking my head around to every noise as well. This is why I wait for dawn. 😉 Be safe!

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