Day 9: Denver to Salt Lake City

Looking good Billy Ray!  Feeling good Louis.

Looking good Billy Ray! Feeling good Louis.

Ahh, waking up this morning was glorious.  5 hours of sleep with a stomach full of who knows what and a slumbering bear named Tyler on the couch making all sorts of strange noises.  The picture of perfection.

Though my head was heavy and my stomach growling with hunger, Uncle Tyler took the hangover cake.  Since we had left the car keys at Emma’s but slept and Meg and Ethan’s, Tyler woke up blind (having taken his contacts out) and looking rather unsavory.   The first order of the day was moving a dresser from the garage to a bedroom.

Once the red bearded beast that is Tyler had gotten some Advil and Vita Coco, he agreed to help me move said dresser but not without warning – “If I move this dresser, I will vomit”.  Clearly his skills at channeling what is going to happen have improved because the universe delivered on this promise.  Like his Mt Rushmore bathroom adventure, there was no pointing, no laughing.  Truly this was a testament to how much fun we had the night before.  Thank you Emma, Meg and Ethan – excellent times.

After a meal of delicious homemade chicken fingers, we were headed for Utah.  Ethan was kind enough to share that he would be watching Iron Man 3 and then spending the day accomplishing nothing, possibly watching D’Jango (the D is silent) from his couch.  And that we should join him.  It was a great mental picture before 10 hours of hungover road tripping.  Thanks Ethan, you should become a motivational speaker.

I got the first shift through the Rockies and Vail.  The Badlands were cool but this road was epic.  Super long sweeping curves overlooking the Colorado River with massive mountain faces as the backdrop.  Lots of tunnels and 100 foot runaway truck ramps.  Fortunately we have the surfboards strapped to the roof or I would have SURELY  gotten a speeding ticket. I’ll bring the Ferrari to Badlands but 70 West out of Denver gets the Bugatti. But I’ll be sporting 14 radar detectors unlike the brand new 911 Turbo that got pulled over right after passing us.  Certainly that cop did not enjoy it one bit.

Tyler finished our eye bleeding drive into the town of Ogden, just north of Salt Lake City.  At this point, I was practically crawling out of my skin with a headache, stomach ache and general need for bed.  Apparently my sleep talking self made an appearance at midnight.  I “woke up”, asked Tyler how long he’d been there in the bed beside me, was told to shut up and go to sleep, and did just that.

P.S. Anthony Ferrante is the man and his ludicrous voicemails are keeping us going #SenorTony #Haha #Funny #UnecessarilyHashtaggingEverything

4 thoughts on “Day 9: Denver to Salt Lake City

  1. I’m impressed you made it all the way to SLC!! Iron Man 3 was really good… 🙂

  2. #chickenfingers #tylershangover #silentDinDjango #voicemails #whyamIhashtagging? #thanksfortheshoutout #cheers

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