…get a stupid answer.

Ever heard the phrase “Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer”?
Recently, I stopped by the liquor store to pick up a 6 pack.  This was Sunday at 6 PM at the spot I normally go that is ALWAYS open on Sunday at 6 PM.
Not today.

I got out of the car and was greeted by a 50 something woman milling around the parking lot; looking at the ground.  Assuming she was crazy, I made my way to the door.  Whereupon she looked up and informed they were closed.

Sure enough, upon closer examination, the lottery signs were turned off as were all the lights inside.  When I asked her the reason for the oddball closure, she replied “Because they’re assholes.”  Hmmm, I thought, definitely crazy.

I didn’t think it was a stupid question but who I am to judge? At least she shared the location of the next closest beer dispensary.  That was in fact, not staffed by assholes.

2 thoughts on “…get a stupid answer.

  1. further proof of the theory that assholes are all around us, but gee whiz at the beer store too… that’s too much.

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