Texting with Tyler: Part 1

My brother, Tyler, and I often have long winded, unintelligible texting conversations.  Every so often, my wife, Sarah, gets a hold of my phone and starts reading our conversations out loud to me.  During this Stender story time that I cherish so much, Sarah is glaring at me, rolling her eyes and shaking her head – all at the same time.  I’m usually laughing uncontrollably as she accentuates the especially odd or off color conversations.  Sometimes they make no sense, sometimes they’re very strange, but always I find them amusing, so here are a few for sharing.

July 19, 2013
Tyler arriving at the airport with weird descriptions and automatic self contradiction. No reply necessary.





July 20, 2013
Tyler responding to a picture I sent him of a huge, obscene plate of sugary delight.


July 29, 2013
Tyler, politely checking in on the status of a UPS shipment headed his way.


August 3, 2013
On returning phone calls…


After calling and getting no response…

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