Watching the News



I just had the immense displeasure of watching the ABC Evening News, about 5 minutes worth.  Here’s what they covered:

  • Horrific school shooting in Nevada
  • Chinese city blanketed in ultra-toxic, cancer causing “super smog”
  • Out of control “mega” wild fires in Australia
  • A pair of ruthless killers escaping prison in Florida
  • Category 3 Hurricane in Mexico ravaging our Southern brethren
  • Incredible ineffectiveness and general stupidity of Obamacare website
  • Clowns murdering siblings – ok, that one was not on the news but it was in the paper yesterday

The only piece of good news was his Jabba-ness, Governor Christie, deciding it was ok for same-sex partners to get married in New Jersey.

Is it any wonder people are convinced we’re going to be eaten by zombies and governed by gold dubloons any moment now? If anyone is interested in starting up a news station that broadcasts only POSITIVE information, sign me up, I’m in.  And I wonder why I don’t watch the news anymore.

photo credit: {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester} via photopin cc

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