Day 14: Anaheim to San Diego


After a breakfast of burritos and spicy tuna rolls at an extra random breakfast spot called Crazy Grill, we completed the final leg of our journey to San Diego.  Touchdown.

  • Total miles: 5,877
  • Total mental breakdowns: 5
  • Hours of house music: 63
  • Minutes of intellectual conversation: 2
  • Number of burgers: Not enough

After nearly 6,000 miles with no car issues, its safe to say the way of the samurai is strong in the Hyundai.  It smells terrible inside but with 32+ MPG, who cares.  Some final highlights since we’ve arrived to stay with Dan and Kim (THANK YOU!):

We’ve encountered no less than 3 hipsters carting animals about.  First one was a guy walking with a ferret on his shoulder.  That was actually San Fran but close enough.  Next was a leather jacketed skateboarder with a cat on his shoulder.  Tyler said “Neato cat”, he replied “I’m awesome”.  Third was a bicyclist with what we think was a dog in a small pouch affixed to his jacket.  Could’ve been an Ewok but we’ll go with dog.

We went to a beach concert in Mission Beach that we planned to enjoy via song and dance.  What we didn’t know was that the entire population of weirdoes, whackos and generally crazy people had been invited.  We just laid on a blanket and people watched for a solid 2 hours.  I thought Seaside Heights, NJ took the award for best people watching, pointing and laughing.  This event was far and away the victor.

On Sunday I got to meet the local lunatic at Swami’s, the break down from the street from Dan and Kim.  As I was walking down the beach, a dude came running out of the bushes – wild eyes, no shirt, pants undone.  Needless to say, I felt no reason to introduce myself.  But given that he stopped and started leering at me, I greeted him with a “Good morning kind sir!”  This was met with a surly “What? I don’t know you!  Why are you talking to me?!”  At this point, I felt a surf session would be better than getting attacked with a stick by the local crackhead, and headed for the water.  Tyler, behind me, then watched the good man practice his karate chops and round house ninja kicks while casting spells on me.

That’s all she wrote.  Thank you very little, I hope you enjoyed our little adventure!