Greetings family and friends,

This will be the official road trip site for Tyler’s journey to San Deeago. Please subscribe for email updates (Home – top right) so we can upload our latest tale here for universal sharing.

surfing 001

Our goals for this trip are to:

  • Find our way around the country without the crutch of technology.  Like Lewis and Clark before us, we’re shunning nav systems and doing it the old fashioned way – with a gigantic atlas
  • Surf the East Coast, Great Lakes, river(s) and the West Coast.
  • Eat extremely unhealthy food from restaurants discovered by all the awesome TV shows about eating unhealthy food.  Thank you
  • Find breweries for beer sniffing
  • Visit friends and anyone who will let us smell up their couch along the way
  • Not point and laugh

A HUMONGOUS thank you to my WONDERFUL wife Sarah for suggesting this ludicrous trip in the first place!  And to the Head Fred for the work furlough (though I’ll be pretending to work from the car).

Oscar Wilde says “Life is too important to be taken seriously” and you can be sure we’ll apply this mantra during our time on the road

14 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. Nice! No nav system….I like it!! When does the trip kick off?

  2. Saturday the 27th. Tyler is picking me up in Philly in the morning!

  3. No tech? Would you like to borrow my sextant?

  4. Sounds weird and also excellent – yes

  5. I know I signed up to house you animals when you reach the wild west, but after seeing your header photo, I’ve become afraid. Please tell Tyler to forget my address, and to stop allowing people to take photos of his hideous self. Good day.

  6. So exciting and sad….can’t wait for the journey to begin…Niel, you have an amazing wife for sure….be safe and take care of each other. Create lots of memories together!!

  7. This is a major LIFE event!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!!! 😉

  8. Loveee the pic!!! Sooo awesome!! You guys are gonna have the best time… Im so excited to follow you around…. and super jeal!!! 🙂 Please take pics of food so I may drool! please and thx!

  9. Enroute to Burlington…ice cream beer and coffee.

  10. You are welcome! Please let us know what places you like and don’t like. Once you get a few reviews we’d be happy to link to your blog if you’d like.

    • So many to list! There’s more in the blog above but our favorites were Giant Burger in Springfield, OR; Anchor Bar in Buffalo, NY; Old German Beer Hall in Milwaukee, WI and an old fave is The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH. I left reviews on these guys under Niells18.

      If you have any sway, try convincing one of the shows to visit JD’s Super Beef in Hampton, NH. Total hole in the wall with dynamite roast beef sandwiches.

      Thanks again!

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