Day 1: Manasquan to Boston

SquanHighlanderTyler picked me up at the airport and we headed to Squan for a kickoff surf – excellent.  Steve Swenson came out for the paddle and then we met up with the Doctor – Druss for a delicious meal of real, actual food at Fins in Sea Girt.  From there we headed up to Gillette to grab my stuff and say goodbye to Mommom before hitting the road to Boston.

Highlights of the drive – blue Lamborghini Gallardo, 2 Tesla S’ and a white llama in the backyard of someone’s house on the Merritt Parkway.   It was pretty weird being in the passenger seat on the way up and getting to check out all the sights (cars) during the ride.

Navy DrydockWhen we got to Boston, we met up with Tyler’s buddies Seth and Dave in Beacon Hill for drinks and more importantly a meatball parm (for me).  This made Tyler happy as Sarah has tasked him with keeping me fed during this voyage lest I turn into an angry hunger monster.

BostonThen it was off to bar #2 for additional drinks.  I was the lucky one to be identified by the waitress as “who got the cherry in their drink” after returning from the bathroom – super.

Very unfortunately were the number of rats running to and fro, bizarre.  Best part of the night was riding rental bikes home at the end of the night and the old Navy warship in dry dock. Though 3 am is so far past my bed time that it’s closer to my rising time, it was well worth it.

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Manasquan to Boston

  1. Great start….glad you saw Mom Mom!! Rats are not my thing, but glad they didn’t go along with you for the rest of your journey. Enjoy America!! Love you both!!

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