Day 2: Boston to Ogunquit and back

Surf Prep

Surf Prep

On Sunday, we got up at 8 and hit the road with Seth to Ogunquit, ME for a surf session.  With a 3 am bed time, I was pretty excited to get in the water and clear my head.  When we got there, it was almost absurd how nice it was – waist to chest high waves peeling towards the river mouth.  Tyler had a  secret location he’d discovered for parking that made our paddle out super easy.  The rides in Ogunquit were really long, some as long as 100 yards.  The downside of riding the wave alllll the way into the beach was having to paddle FOR EVER to get back out to the take off spot.

Bathroom Adventures

Bathroom Adventures

But let me back up to our pre-surf circumstances.  Right after we parked and checked the waves all three of us had that sudden urge – bathroom NOW.  And not the kind that you can easily release into the water.  Yeah, that one.  So we made our way back to the public restroom and found a men’s room with 1 stall, a coed room with 1 stall and a ladies room with 3 stalls.  Seth and I commandeered the men’s and coed much to Tyler’s chagrin.  Though he begged us to hurry, he was met with laughter and other words I won’t put here.  So he rushed to the ladies room as it was empty (at the time).

Fast forward 6 hours to Seth and I walking out of the bathroom, waiting for Tyler.  Not 1 minute later, a car load of British women roll up with children of the female variety.  As they hurried into the LADIES room, Seth and I looked at each other with smirks and promptly lost all control, bent in half laughing like lunatics.    When additional cars showed up and women piled out heading for the loo, we could only laugh harder.  Needless to say, Tyler emerged unscathed but not until he suffered through some full blown panic attacks huddled in the stall worried about the cops showing up.

Super Beef!

Super Beef!

Cinnamon Rainbows

Cinnamon Rainbows

The surf was 3 hours long, totally outrageous and exhausting, perfect.  Post surf we headed to a roast beef sandwich joint in Hampton, NH.  They make a sandwich called the Loaded Super Beef which comes with all sorts of sauces and toppings.  Delectable. We also made a stop in everyone’s favorite surf shop, Cinnamon Rainbows, for some road trip gear and surfboard ogling.

From there we spent the night with Tyler’s friend Jeff in Hopkinton, MA.  It was a much quieter night of dinner and bed which suited us just fine.


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