The Druss Road Trip Day 1 – St. Louis

In actuality, this is Day 8 or so for Dave but Day 1 for me.  You see, Dave is in the process of moving from New Jersey to San Diego via cross country road trip.  He left NJ last Sunday and arrived here in St. Louis yesterday.  To back up a little further, my amazing wife Sarah granted me permission to accompany Dave on his trek from Missouri to SoCal.  I know, I know, I owe her BIG and will come up with something appropriately big to thank her!!!

And today wasn’t even really a day on the road, more of a mission to discover St. Louis.  On a recommendation from Ryan Kelly, we headed for the City Museum of St. Louis. Housed in a former shoe factory, this riotous “museum” is more a kid and the-kid-in-you-adult playground.  It’s an extremely eclectic place bordering on surreal with all manner of tunnels, slides, contraptions, architecture and oddities.  There is no defined layout to the place like you might find in a typical museum.  You could be climbing through a tunnel on your belly on one floor only to exit on another.  The pictures truly do not do it justice, you need to see to believe.

We then had a family dinner with the entire collection of baboons aged 2 ½, 1ish and also 1ish.  We tried a new BBQ place, Adam’s Smokehouse, which turned out to be very tasty.  Judging by the ferocity with which Maren attacked the pulled pork, I’d say it was a big hit – she’s 13 months old.  After manhandling, I mean PUTTING, the childrens to bed, Sarah hit that sack and the Druss and I hit the road of exploration!

We ended up at a killer spot previously unknown to myself called Perennial Artisan Ales.  Housed in an old Coca-Cola factory, this craft brewery tap room was a good find.  Serving 4 oz. tasters at $2 allowed for plenty of tasting.  Unfortunately, we mistakenly ordered the most aggressive beer – a 10% ABV Mexican Chocolate Stout brewed with white ancho chiles – as a full sized pour right out the gate.  WHOA.  The folk behind the bar were super friendly, the strange yeasty smells wafting from the beer tanks were interesting, and the heated pretzels with spicy mustard were tasty.  2 thumbs up on this joint.

Off to bed from there, we dreamt of extremely long hours in the car, sore bottoms and delirious laughter in the deserts of New Mexico…

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