Potato Salad

And I wonder where my love for all food bad for me comes from.  It’s genetic.  A recent conversation between my Mom and Captain Redbeard AKA Tyler that I was privy to via email.

I know I have a slight addiction to BBQ and BBQ sauce but I think that potato salad should be me made with a mayo/BBQ sauce mix. Just wanted to throw that idea out there…also mac ‘n cheese is better when smothered in delicious BBQ sauce.

Hmmm maybe a straw in the BBQ sauce would be better!

It is definitely tempting at times.

Wow.  I didn’t get a chance to reply to the email so let me do so here.  Yes, a straw to drink this mixture would be glorious.  But more importantly, where did this random thought come from Uncle Ty Ty? You used ‘BBQ’ 4 TIMES in a single run on sentence! Were you in the shower thinking about burying your face in a plate of potato salad with a side of mac ‘n cheese?

The thought is MUCH appreciated as I totally agree but if this is what you’re thinking about while contemplating Plato in the park methinks you need a weekend food truck business to satisfy your weirdo cravings. Weirdo.

3 thoughts on “Potato Salad

  1. If I know Captain Redbeard, this was definitely thought of in the shower.

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