Dead Battery

BatteryJust when I thought I was getting some kind of handle on having 3 tiny Stenders running rampant all day, every day, the universe reminded me that I in fact DO NOT.

I have 2 sets of car keys to my Volvo. One I never use and the other that is religiously hung up in the exact same spot, every single time I get home – until this week. Two days ago, I misplaced my main set of keys. Where they are, I have no idea, but they appear to have utterly disappeared. “That’s ok” I’m telling myself, I’ve got the spare set so it’s all good.

Then this morning as I prepared to load the jabbering baboons into Sarah’s car, I reached for my keys only to find N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Rather than get explosively angry, I figured I would check Sarah’s car. I had taken it on a beer run the night before and often have my Volvo keys on me when I use her car for an errand.

It wasn’t in there so I glanced at the Volvo and noticed it was unlocked. Checked the door pocket – empty. Checked the center console – empty. As I got ready to get out and in fact get explosively angry, I noticed the key was sitting in the ignition. And not just in but switched on. To no one’s surprise, the car was completely toast. Not even a glimmer on the dash.

Wow, that was a first for me. Thankfully, my neighbor Ken was kind enough to provide the juice to get me up and running and not laugh (too hard). Conclusion – I have no handle on life with a gaggle of children and need to accept that I may be losing my car keys more often that I once thought possible.

photo credit: Aoife city womanchile via photopin cc

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